OnLogic – Ready Responses Groups

Once you’ve been assigned to a small group, find your group number and click on the corresponding worksheet. You will have editing access.

1. Insults designed as jokes

Group 1

Group 1a

Group 1b

2. Devaluing women’s voices, views, and credentials

Group 2

Group 2a

Group 2b

3. Role stereotyping

Group 3

Group 3a

Group 3b

4. Fixation on physical appearance

Group 4

Group 4a

Group 4b

5. Assumptions that caring and careers don’t mix

Group 5

Group 5a

Group 5b

6. Unwarranted labeling

Group 6

Group 6a

Group 6b

7. Defenses in reactions to advances in equity

Group 7

Group 7a

Group 7b

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