Analyzing pay gives you an opportunity to do a health check on your workplace as a whole.

Compensation sits at the nexus of your people systems: recruitment and hiring, performance evaluations and promotions, leadership development, internal communications, among others.



Join our Pay Equity Exchange (PayEQ)

The Details

What is the Pay Equity Exchange?

Equitable pay is one of the main drivers of employee recruitment, engagement, and retention.

The Pay Equity Exchange is for senior leaders and HR professionals of small to midsize organizations (20-400 employees) who seek to be on the cutting edge of pay equity. The program is led by the founders of Change The Story VT’s Leaders for Equity & Equal Pay Program (LEEP), which first launched in 2019 in Vermont.

You can download their FREE Leaders for Equity and Equal Pay Toolkit here. 

PayEQ is designed to empower organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools to examine their pay systems and to design strategies for achieving and maintaining gender and racial equity. 

Criteria to participate:

  • Executive commitment to achieve pay equity and support for program participation.
  • A dedicated staff member to attend 8 two-hour group training sessions, to lead this work within the company for a full-year, and to complete homework assignments.
  • Defined pay ranges for each company position (if you do not yet have set pay ranges, there will be time before the program starts to get these in place.)

Meet the PayEQ team >>

What’s Included in the Program?

8 Group Exchanges

The two-hour virtual exchanges are designed to deepen learning and support best practices. You will: 

  • Develop a compensation philosophy that articulates your company’s commitment to pay equity
  • Complete a pay equity analysis of current pay structures 
  • Learn to diagnose common issues that may be impacting your ability to achieve full pay equity
  • Learn strategies to address these common issues
  • Design a plan to better achieve and maintain pay equity

Each organization is welcome to bring up to 3 people to these meetings (your Pay Equity Team).

We ask that team members remain consistent throughout the program.

Access to our signature Genclusive@Work online course on unconscious bias

You will receive 3 complimentary logins for your team to amplify learning.

You have the ability to purchase additional seats in the course at our discounted member price.

Check out the FREE Guest Pass! You get access to 3 full modules. 


Each participating organization will have direct support from compensation expert Frank Sadowski of Sadowski Consulting Services. If a pay gap is discovered, you will get direction on how to remedy it.


Access and training on how to utilize the Equity Management Tool to conduct future gender and racial pay equity audits.

Networking & Support

From a cohort of organizations all going through the same experience!


Your compensation consultant, Frank Sadowski, will be the only one with access to your pay data. You get to decide what you feel comfortable sharing with the cohort.


“We definitely accomplished what we hoped to! We came out with a comp plan and concrete next steps. When I look back on all we made happen, I’m grateful!”

Do your own pay review with the Leaders for Equity and Equal Pay Toolkit.

Meet the PayEQ Team

Frank Sadowski (he/him)

Principal, Sadowski Consulting Services

About Frank

n 1997, Frank Sadowski joined Gallagher, Flynn & Company (GFC), establishing its Human Resource Consulting Division. He became a partner in 2003. Frank’s work now focuses on executive and professional recruiting, compensation, and the broad area of faith, spirituality, and ethics in the workplace. Frank’s recruiting for companies in Vermont and New Hampshire has helped fill a wide range of professional and executive positions. His compensation consulting has included helping companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies develop their compensation philosophies, determine the competitive pay for their positions, create or revise their pay systems, and develop innovative incentive programs. Recently, he has also worked with companies to analyze and address their gender pay equity issues. He has probably done more compensation projects in Vermont than anyone else in the last decade. Frank also teaches business ethics at Champlain College and speaks to groups on a range of issues related to faith, spirituality, and ethics in the workplace. He also helped create Burlington’s Ronald McDonald House and the Lake Champlain Waldorf School. Frank holds Master’s degrees in both Public Policy and Divinity, He currently serves on the board of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.

Frank can be reached at fhsadowski(at)

Jessica Nordhaus (she/her)

Co-Founder, Genclusive / Director of Change The Story VT

About Jessica

Jessica Nordhaus directs Change The Story and runs trainings and workshops on gender equity around the state of Vermont. She also owns Gear Shift Consulting, LLC, a Burlington-based consulting firm with a focus on education, policy and systems change. Her entrepreneurial, design-informed approach to her work has deep roots: after graduating from Yale College she founded Horny Toad Activewear (now Toad & Co). Jessica’s passion for empowering young women goes way back to the end of the last century when she worked as a counselor for Camp $tart-Up, a residential entrepreneurship camp for young women in Albuquerque, NM. Jessica is a Fletcher Free Library Commissioner, co-founder of the Greater Burlington Women’s Forum and serves on the Advisory Board of Emerge Vermont. She is also a managing partner at a mid-size, rapidly growing family firm in the South End of Burlington that specializes in big dinners, bad jokes and lots of laundry.

Jessica can be reached at jessica(at)

Krysta Sadowski (she/her)

Talent Consultant, Sadowski Consulting Services

About Krysta

Krysta Sadowski is a talent strategy and workforce development expert focused on equity and access to work issues. She consults with employers to assess their current practices, develop, and implement inclusive talent practices and programs. Pay equity is a particular passion of hers.

She draws from years of experience as a Management Consultant working on global and domestic strategy engagements and workforce development solutions across the public and private sectors while at Accenture,  RSM Alliance firm, Gallagher, Flynn & Company, and Grads of Life. Earlier in her career, Krysta also served as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for an innovative start-up in Boston that designed unique workforce training solutions for the inclusion of non-traditional talent in the workplace and has led leadership development and experiential education programs for young adults from conflict zones. When not at work, she can be found hiking and exploring the mountains in Vermont or the Pacific Northwest.

Krysta can be reached at

Lindsey Lathrop (she/her)

Co-Founder, Genclusive  + Certified Coach

About Lindsey

Lindsey Lathrop (she/her) is a certified coach, gender equity consultant, entrepreneur, and certified #IamRemarkable Google trainer. Lindsey’s coaching empowers women and underrepresented groups to practice negotiation and self-promotion skills in the workplace and beyond. Her passion for equity and inclusion led her to co-found Genclusive to engage business leaders to explore their biases and shape inclusive and engaging workplace cultures. Lindsey and her husband Colin have been remote entrepreneurs for the past 7 years and they now call Durham, NC home.  When she’s not working, she’s playing in her new backyard building raised garden beds and getting pulled along on trails by her Aussiedoodle puppy, Remy.

Lindsey can be reached at lindsey(at)

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Lindsey Lathrop

Jessica Nordhaus