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Leaders for Equity and Equal Pay Toolkit

Tools, resources, and support to conduct your own gender and racial pay reviews.

“Black women are the core of the nation’s economy, holding the front-line jobs and running small businesses, and they are more often the single heads of households in their communities.

If they are elevated through policy, including everything from paid sick leave to stimulus programs targeted directly toward them, the economy at-large will benefit.”

Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman, ‘Black Women Best’: Why putting black women first may save us from economic disaster,

It takes all of us

Building equitable and inclusive workplaces.

At Genclusive, we believe that by examining gender roles in the workplace (and disrupting the status quo where necessary), we create a new story for everyone at work  – one where there is equal access to leadership, advancement, and equitable pay.

From the start, we’ve understood the critical role employers play in closing the gender gap for women: by recruiting and hiring them; by promoting them; by paying them equitably; by consistently considering whether organizational practices, policies, and the culture support the needs of all workers.

What is also loud and clear to us is that we cannot achieve gender equity in the workplace without all of us diving deeper into our own anti-racist work. Because the culture of work in the U.S. is predominately a white space, with decisions being made largely by white men, we must address the white supremacy culture that props up all of our institutions and further marginalizes women of color. 

As two white women raised in the white feminist movement, we are committed to an intersectional approach to our work, one that acknowledges our own biases and whenever possible centers the experiences of women of color.

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Charge Forward

Inclusion Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

It’s one thing to say you’re for diversity, equity, and inclusion and it’s another to practice it – every day.

✔️  Understand what drives and prevents gender equity at work

✔️  Learn from real-life businesses and how they’re designing with their biases in mind

✔️  Become an irresistibly inclusive workplace


We want to help you make good on your commitment to equity.

Thought partners are essential when it comes to this deep work.

You’re not alone.

Together, we got this!

OUR Specialties:


An intro to gender bias & intersectionality

Male Allies for change

responding to everyday sexism

kickstarting your gender equity planning

Why aren’t they applying? A look at your job descriptions

compensation planning

affirmative recruitment & Hiring

fixing the broken rung – pathway to management

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Ways we can work together

Consulting with your leaders and change makers

Let’s talk about your gender inclusion priorities and where we can make the most impact – in the short-term and long-term.

Joining the Pay Equity Exchange

The Pay Equity Exchange (PEX) is a cohort-based model for senior leaders and HR professionals of small to midsize organizations (20-500 employees) who seek to be on the cutting edge of pay equity.


Looking for a gender equity workshop? We can bring an interactive experience to your workplace or event on any of the topics above.

We decide together!

Let’s set up a strategy call to decide what makes the most sense for you.

How we got started

While working together on the Change The Story VT initiative, a partnership dedicated to fast-tracking women’s economic security in Vermont, Jessica Nordhaus and Lindsey Lathrop led a project we called the Business Peer Exchange (BPE). First made possible by a philanthropic investment by the Vermont Women’s Fund, a group of diverse employers met monthly to exchange ideas on retaining and advancing women at work. In 2017, Lindsey and Jessica took the show on the road expanding the program to include research-based curriculum, best practices, and accountability.

Over the past 4 years, we have engaged nearly 500 professionals from 50+ organizations in Vermont with the Business Peer Exchange model.

In 2019, we launched Genclusive to expand our impact beyond Vermont’s borders. We can’t wait to work with you!

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